Gratitude is not only a virtue but also a part of a practical philosophy of daily life. There is no wiser way of living than to remember every morning what Life has given us, and to lift up our thoughts in thankfulness for every bounty we possess.

Dr. Ernest Holmes

We all leave an impression in this world during our lifetime. The impression you leave is created by your choices and their imprint on the lives of others.  Through your will, you can express gratitude to those who have touched your life, support treasured causes and perpetuate lifelong values and beliefs.

Your will presents an unparalleled opportunity to benefit countless lives through sustaining the teaching and message of our amazing spiritual philosophy, the Science of Mind.

We are here to help you through this process. Please contact us at any time at 720-279-1629


Your abundance makes a powerful difference and touches humanity when you use it to financially sustain our spiritual community. The effect is unseen, like sunlight on ripening grain, but it has a profound effect on the future.

Your financial support demonstrates the Law of Circulation, not only in a monetary sense, but through the flow of unity, love, and transformation that is created as our spiritual teaching touches the lives of so many in our community and the world.

We hope one of these giving ideas in this brochure will be right for you and that we can be part of helping you make the difference you want to make in the world. If you include us in your plans, we hope you will let us know. We would like to offer our thanks to you today for your thoughtfulness and generosity.


We invite you to direct your bequest to our endowment fund to allow us to perpetuate our role as a vital spiritual and community resource.

Gifts to the endowment are different from annual giving, which supports operational and program needs. Endowment gifts are invested and the income earned provides revenue that gives us financial stability through any economic climate. But to maintain our financial strength this fund must grow. That is why your gift is so important.

support our efforts now

Science of Mind Foundation exists to provide spiritual tools to transform lives and bring positive consciousness into the world in perpetuity. We do this through generous gifts from donors to the Foundation and Centers for Spiritual Living worldwide.

Science of Mind Foundation is active in supporting Centers for Spiritual Living each day and you can be part of this ongoing effort by giving a donation to support our daily outreach.


You can write a check and send it to Science of Mind Foundation, 573 Park Point Drive, Golden, Colorado 80401.  In the notes section of the be sure to write “Donation”.


At the top of this page click on the golden “Give Today” button to provide your donation via PayPal.


An electronic transfer can be made between your account and the Science of Mind Foundation’s account.  Please contact us at 720-279-1624 or for more information about this procedure.


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