How We Serve

Our Tithing Program

We practice conscious giving at the Science of Mind Foundation with a Tithing Program to give back in support of the priority activities and global vision of the Centers for Spiritual Living, to increase awareness of the Science of Mind philosophy in the world, and as a commitment to How We Serv image.tithing as a spiritual practice of prosperity principles.

Tithing is a spiritual practice that demonstrates the law of circulation.  With this practice the Science of Mind Foundation demonstrates its faith, gratitude and confidence that there is only one source and it is infinitely expressing in and through the Foundation.

Tithes given by the Science of Mind Foundation are an expression of gratitude and inspiration given to qualified organizations that have demonstrated that their actions are in alignment with increasing the awareness of the Science of Mind philosophy in the world. The "Tithe Recommendation" form is available at

Endowment Services

The Foundation manages its own endowment, receives endowment funds to manage for Centers, and helps Centers with endowment policies and procedures in order to build endowment to preserve and protect Science of Mind in the world.

Planned Giving Programs

The Foundation assists Centers as they create programs to attract bequests and other planned gifts. The key document to guide centers as they work with the Foundation to build their programs is the comprehensive Endowment and Planned Giving Primer.

Planning Giving Program Downloads

The Primer and other helpful documents for Center leaders may be downloaded at Be aware that you will be leaving the Science of Mind Foundation site.